Archived Church Sermons-Miscellaneous Topics (2013-2014)

Miscellaneous Sermons


Sermon Title Bible Reference Sermon Audio Sermon Bulletin Insert Sermon Powerpoint Slides
Guest Speaker: Eric Morgan
Hebrews 11  audio_headset
Remember Lot’s Wife
Genesis 19:17-26
Luke 17:28-32
 audio_headset Remember Lots Wife Bulletin Cover1  1367897856_stock_slide-show
Biblical Body Building Ephesians 4:11-16  audio_headset  Biblical Body Building Bulletin Cover  1367897856_stock_slide-show
God’s Prophetic Calendar Leviticus 23 audio_headset Feasts of the Lord Lev 23 Bulletin Cover  1367897856_stock_slide-show
The Virgin Birth Luke 1:26-38  audio_headset  Virgin Birth Cover  1367897856_stock_slide-show
The Fifth Horse of the Apocalypse Revelation 19:11-16  audio_headset  The Fifth Horse Apocalypse Cover 1367897856_stock_slide-show
The Master Theme of the Bible Genesis 4:1-8 audio_headset TB2Y-1-Genesis 4-1-8-Cover 1367897856_stock_slide-show
Defeating Distrust & Division Joshua 22:10-34 audio_headset Defeating Distrust & Division 1367897856_stock_slide-show
Forgiveness Genesis 50:15-21 audio_headset Forgiveness Bulletin picture 1367897856_stock_slide-show
Christ’s Vision for His Church Ephesians 4:11-16 audio_headset Christ's Vision for His Church- Bulletin Cover-3-23-14 1367897856_stock_slide-show
Counting the Cost of Discipleship Luke 14: 25-35 audio_headset Counting Cost Discipleship-Bulletin Cover 1367897856_stock_slide-show
Mother’s Day

Frank Brunner
audio_headset Mothers Day Frank Brunner 2014 1367897856_stock_slide-show
Memorial Day

Frank Brunner
audio_headset Memorial Day Bulletin Cover 2014 1367897856_stock_slide-show
Set Apart to Serve Acts 13:1-3 audio_headset Set Apart to Serve icon 1367897856_stock_slide-show

The Power of Christ’s Resurrection

Romans 1:6
Phil. 3:10
I Cor. 15:1-4
audio_headset 1367897856_stock_slide-show BP The Power of Christ's Resurrection 2014 video camera small
The Unity of the Body Psalm 133 audio_headset 1367897856_stock_slide-show BP Unity of the Body-Psalm 133-4-27-2014 video camera small

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